Digital Earnings Claims Statements & Financial Performance Representations is pleased to provide over 100 Free Item 19s in their entirety for many of today’s most popular franchise systems. These represent franchisors who take great pride in the in-depth and insightful data included in their Item 19. They are immediately downloadable.

To the extent that you are interested in any of the 1,000s of Item 19s that are not located to the right, please go to the nearby Directory of Item 19s. The cost for these current and historical Item 19s is only $25 per document.

The single most important challenge for a prospective franchisee/investor is to prepare a realistic cash flow statement that accurately reflects the economic potential of that franchise or business. If you are thinking about buying a franchise, the only reliable source of in-depth information on the financial aspects of the company is its Item 19 (Financial Performance Representation (FPR)). Although the methodology and level of detail might differ by franchisor, the data reflects historical sales, expenses, and/or profit data on actual franchise operations, based on the historical results of the existing franchisees. Although the inclusion of an Item 19 is optional on the part of the franchisor, roughly 65% of US franchisors currently provide an Item 19. Some Item 19s are more exhaustive than others.

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We have extracted over 6,000 Item 19s/FPRs, starting in 2009. All are currently available for purchase for $25.00 each. We have also provided annual packages by industry group (Food, Lodging, Retail, or Service) or by year. Package pricing is a function of the number of Item 19s in a package. In addition to the Item 19 in its entirety, recent documents also include the first page of the franchisor’s FDD/UFOC.

The information included in the various Item 19s on is not an offer to sell franchises. Such an offer can only be made through a franchisor’s most current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that has been registered with and approved by the appropriate agency in your state, if your state requires such registration. Keep in mind that any information provided in any Item 19 is only a reflection of the experience of the franchisor or its existing franchisees and should not be relied upon as an indication as to how well you might do should you become a franchisee. Prior to purchasing a franchise, it is important that you seek the advice of experienced attorneys, accountants and/or impartial consultants to ensure that you fully understand the potential upsides and downsides of purchasing a franchise.

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